As you can probably see, there is a ton missing as we’re still in the process of getting everything moved over from the old site and then reformatting it all. Please be patient while we get all things “MiLa” back up and running.

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Who Are We?

You might be wondering just what exactly this site is all about…

MiLa was created in 2015 and previously resided on a different hosting platform.  What began as a product review site, quickly grew to a place where our contributors shared all things from recipes and DIY projects to movie suggestions and a-day-in-the-life blog posts.  In late 2016 we decided that due to growth we needed to find a new way to share our content with our readers and have since branched out to reach a greater audience across social media and even with this new site.

Here you’ll find things that MiLa contributors like or find interesting under Thought Bubble, our [far from] professional reviews on the Reviews page (go figure), our current favorite styles and fashion trends at Loving the Look  – plus much more.